Hinaleimoana hails from the boundary of Liliha and Puʻunui of Nuʻuanu, land of the Halauloa and Kulaʻikanaka winds and of the Lihau and Pōpōkapa Rains.  She is a descendant of the line of Alapaʻinui and Kahu, of Paliokaweloa descending from Kawahinekoa and Kamoku and also traces roots to the families of Wong/Luke/Hu and Mathias.  She is a 1990 graduate of the Kamehameha School Kapalama campus and a twice graduate of the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa holding academic degrees in Hawaiian Studies and Teaching. 

Hinaleimoana has spent the last 30 years in various positions of leadership primarily connected with education and the Hawaiian community.  She worked formally as an outreach worker within the transgender community and as a teacher of 13 years to K-12 students that attended Halau Lokahi Public Charter School.  Hinaleimoana currently teaches kanaka in incarceration at Halawa Correctional Facility and Oahu Community Correctional Center.  She is also the Cultural Advisor for the Howard Hughes Corporation Ward Village Development efforts in Kakaʻako/Kewalo in Kona, Oʻahu. 

Hinaleimoana remains very active in the Tongan community via the Siasi ʻo Tonga Tauʻataina (Free Church of Tonga) choir and is able to converse in Hawaiian, Tongan, Samoan and Tahitian languages.  When at home, Hinaleimoana is a caregiver for her mother and has done so for the past two years.

She also served for 8 years on the Oʻahu Island Burial Council, 5 years of which she remained at helm of leadership in issues presiding over ancestral burials.

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