The Iowa GSA Network is a new program of Iowa Safe Schools, with the mission of empowering students to create safe spaces in Iowa schools through youth activism and community support. It is designed to provide resources and support to LGBTQ and allied students in Iowa, as well as educators and GSA advisors. The Network connects GSAs across the state, and assist students interested in starting a GSA get their group off the ground. 

Part of what makes the Iowa GSA Network different from other networks is that staff want students to be an integral part of the planning and decision making process. The Network is designed to allow students to create change through active involvement! Staff encourages student voices in the Iowa GSA Network, because it is the students that are most aware of the current issues being faced in schools today. Our ultimate goal of enriching lives through partnerships with student leaders and GSAs is accomplished through collaboration with GSA leaders, advisors, and community partners.

The Iowa GSA Network’s Student Leadership Council is a cornerstone of the Network, and represents the many voices of the GSAs across Iowa. The Council meets to discuss how groups across the state are doing, and how the Network can be a supportive resource to students and advisors.

Join the Iowa GSA Network today, and be a part of the amazing work being done by Iowa's GSAs!

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