Stephanie Brennan is the 2016 Educator of the Year.  Stephanie has been a critical advocate for LGBTQ youth at Lincoln High School in Des Moines.  She works to ensure that her students always know that there is someone who loves, cares, and supports them through her work with the Lincoln High School Gay-Straight Alliance as well as in her classroom.  This background of advocating for students to have the support they need and be themselves comes from her own mother who taught her that everyone deserves to be loved and supported.  

With the support of her fellow educators, staff, and administrators – Stephanie has been able to lead efforts at Lincoln to create a safer school for all students.  Stephanie is in her ninth year teaching at Des Moines Public Schools and has taught at North High School and East High School.  She graduated from Lincoln High School in 2003.  Stephanie graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies. She has a degree in Masters of Education in Education Media Design and Technology  from Full Sail University.

One of her student’s that nominated Stephanie for this Award wrote, “She has been an amazing supporter for the youth, helped us through all of our hard times, and has saved lives.“  

Stephanie sees her role as an educator who not only teaches students but cares for them.  Her commitment to the LGBTQ community, social justice issues, and ensuring all students regardless of background have a safe and supportive environment are why she is so deserving of the Educator of the Year Award.   Stephanie will receive this recognition during the Spirit Awards on October 20th at The Temple for Performing Arts in Des Moines.  

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