For Immediate Release

February 22, 2017

Contact: Nate Monson

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Iowa Safe Schools Condemned Trump Administration's Failure to Protect Trans* Students


Iowa Safe Schools Executive Director Nate Monson issued the following statement after the Trump Administration rescinded a Dear Colleague letter that outlined guidance to keep transgender students safe in school.     

“While the rescinding of this Dear Colleague Letter does not impact the day to day operations of Iowa schools, as they are all required to protect trans* student rights under the Iowa Civil Rights Act, it does have a chilling impact on trans* student safety.  Schools have moved across the country to ensure safe and supportive environments for transgender students as a result of the Obama Administration's Dear Colleague Letter.  This move by the Trump Administration makes it more difficult to protect transgender students from bullying and ensure their civil rights are protected.  We cannot stop fighting to protect transgender students and as long as Iowa Safe Schools is around we will fight every day to ensure transgender students can play sports, have access to school facilities, and feel safe in their schools and communities."


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