The Iowa GSA Network offers resources, support, and direct interactive services to GSA groups and their advisors, as well as individual LGBTQ and allied students. The Network can provide your GSA with a toolkit of materials and ideas to help the group: 

  1. Support students who have been victims of bullying and harassment
  2. Build a space where students can express themselves and live their truth
  3. Problem solve issues within their group, and set up the GSA for continued success
  4. Create positive change in their school

This toolkit is provided free of charge when a GSA joins the Iowa GSA Network! The Iowa GSA Network is committed to serving students who have experienced bullying and harassment, and the resources provided are often seen as lifelines to GSA groups, both experienced and just getting started.

The Iowa GSA Network helps groups connect with each other! We believe that students should collaborate with and support each other, and we help provide spaces for GSAs to do just that. From helping groups organize their own events, to being a representative on the Student Leadership Council, to offering scholarships for students to attend the annual Governor’s Conference, promoting student leadership is part of what drives the Iowa GSA Network. Get plugged in to the Network here.

In addition to GSA group support, the Iowa GSA Network provides intervention and safety planning services to individual students who come forward to say they have been victims of bullying or harassment in their schools. Our LGBTQ Advocate, Joshua Merritt, meets with students to provide direct service in reporting incidents of bullying, as well as ensuring schools are responding to incidents of bullying and that mental health needs are addressed immediately when an incident happens.


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